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Sharing lessons to help you grow your online business

Every Tuesday I send out one lesson to help grow your online business, with actionable tips and practical advice, all for free straight to your inbox.

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Here's what others have to say

I subscribe to a lot of the email heavy hitters, but Elle’s emails are some of the very few I read every time they pop into my inbox.

They’re straight to the point, entertaining, enlightening and always feel like we’re having a 1:1 conversation.

It’s hard to get the balance between a story, a lesson and a smooth ending, but Elle hits all 3 with ease.

  • Chris Ryan, Branding Coach

  • When Elle's email hits my inbox, I shift to the edge of my seat.

    Her emails entertain, educate, and connect.

    Every time I learn a new lesson, read a relatable story, or walk away with a cool idea. And most of the time, it's all three.

    Highly recommend you subscribe to her list.

  • Carlo Thielen, Agency owner

  • Elle made me write this because she thinks it’d be funny.

    I’m not subscribed to my GF’s email list (sue me) but I edit and schedule them.

    tl;dr I’m forced to read them. But I’m glad because she tells you things that she doesn’t tell me.

    Now go sign up to her list because you’ll get better treatment than me.

  • George, Elle’s partner